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Fine Wood Jewelry or Keepsake Box - Ambrosia Maple & Walnut Woods

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This beautiful box is hand-crafted by Jerry Walby using ambrosia maple and walnut woods.

Whether for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one, this fine wood box will be a treasure for years to come.

All our products are carefully shipped and packed to by our professional handling team.  Each gift comes with a Certificate of Authenticity letting the recipient know the fine quality and hand-crafted nature of the box.

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Jerry welcomes custom orders.  If you need something “outside the box,” let us know and we’ll connect you to him.

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Jerry's Bio

Jerry Walby grew up in Miles City, MT. In 1966, he moved to Colorado to go to school at the University of Colorado Medical Center to become a radiologic technician. It was there he met his wife, Vivian. Jerry started his own business in the financial industry and then later sold the company in 2006.

Jerry has worked with wood all his life, mainly in construction. He'd helped his parents build 2 houses by the time he'd started high school and had finished 3 basements. He also began making some useful items for friends and family.

About 3 years ago, Jerry’s wife asked him make something for her necklaces. He found some ideas on Pinterest and made her 2 elegant jewelry boxes. He then had the opportunity to purchase some very good tools. As he experimented with the tools he started using different exotic woods because of their textures and colors and came up with the Fancy Boxes designs. Jerry has always enjoyed working with woods and finds the boxes to be his way of expressing his art.

Jerry doesn’t color the woods because he wants to show wood’s natural highlights. He combines different woods to compliment and/or contrast the different shades. He found that Walnut and Maple make a crisp line when paired, but if you put Ambrosia Maple in between it makes for a nice transition. Padauk is a orange colored wood, Purple Heart is just that - a vibrant purple. Zebrawood and Marblewood are streaked with shades of cream, black and browns. These are just a few of the more common woods Jerry uses in his art.

Jerry enjoys doing custom orders for people wanting the quality woods in displays or shelving.  While creating items to display at shows, he became interested in stealth (hidden) shelves which he finds are beautiful in their own way and serve a purpose.

Jerry and his wife Vivian live with their German boxer, Roscoe. Both approve of and applaud Jerry’s fine work, though Roscoe likes the stealth boxes best while Vivian prefers the jewelry boxes.

   Roscoe with stealth box