Roberta Bunger's hand-blown Glass

Roberta Bunger was one of our founding artisans, an inspiration to many.  She passed away on July 5, 2017.  What is in stock and remaining is all we will have of her beautiful "hand-blown glass."  A portion of sales will go to the charity she supported and a portion of sales will go to CAC's "Colorado Artisans Give" program. 

Roberta was in business creating hand-blown glass art since 1986. She had a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University and served an apprenticeship with another glass blower for two years. She traveled extensively through Italy visiting Venice, Rome, and Florence studying the great works of The Masters. All of the items for sale on CAC were designed and made by Roberta herself. Most of her pieces were made using borosilicate glass that is specifically designed to take variances in temperature quickly. After each piece is finished, it is oven annealed for superior strength. Annealing is a process where the glass is heated thoroughly and cooled slowly to prevent cracking and make the glass stronger. 

There are several ways to color glass. The glass Roberta used has different metal oxides added to the glass itself to give it different colors. For instance, cobalt oxide turns the glass a deep blue, iron or chromium oxide turns it green, and gold changes it to a light red. All of her works were made from this exotic glass that will not fade or change color so you can enjoy them for years to come.

All of the items sold through CAC were made in her studio using the centuries old technique of lamp working. Using a torch, a few simple tools, and the refined and practiced movements of the craft, each piece is the culmination of years of practice, the artist’s unique vision, and the fluidity of the glass itself.

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